I'm sorry to say that at the moment no official support is available for any of the stuff here on Dreamweaver Fever. However, I do try to help people out as time allows. Please don't email me with generic Dreamweaver or UltraDev questions - the best place for those is the Macromedia news forums.

If you need help with a specific extension or tutorial, you can email me. If you don't hear back from me it probably means that I'm really busy, or that your question was so dumb that I think you should suffer alone. That last bit was a joke.

In the future I plan to offer more comprehensive support, but this really does just come out of my spare time so at the moment I can make no promises. If it's a choice of answering emails or the rare chance to make it out to the pub, then I'm sorry I'll be off down the pub. Mmmmm beeeeer.

That said, if you're lucky you'll catch me in a charitable mood or in a bored moment at work, and I'll shoot a reply back. So, the golden rules are: