Extensions for Dreamweaver

Below are a number of extensions I have written for Dreamweaver and UltraDev. They are all unsupported and are supplied free of change and with no warrantee of any kind. I accept no responsibility for any ill-effects resulting from the use or misuse of any of these extensions. That said, if you're having trouble, do visit the support pages and I'll try to help you out, time permitting. DW and UD version numbers below denote the minimum product version required.


Filler Text Fever!

This is another curious one from the depths of my strange little brain. Purists would probably slap my wrists for this object because it doesn't actually insert any html or Javascript - but just text. Clicking on the Filler Text Fever! object will insert two paragraphs of a mock Latin text which has been based upon the average frequency of characters and word lengths of the English language in order to reproduce a reasonably accurate overall visual impression. Very useful in the early design stages, where it is helpful to see how the page will look when populated with content. The paragraphs are topped and tailed by html comments, which should make a quick search & replace an easy method of removing the text once you're done.

Download : ZIP file DW version : 2 UD version : 1

Jump Menu Fever!

The main advantage this object has over the default DW3 Jump Menu is that it allows you to target a specific location. This makes it great for using with framesets, and as it also works in DW2, makes jump menus easier for our behind-the-times friends! When inserted, the Object will prompt you for a target for the jumps, and then will simply insert an empty menu. I took this approach because I find the DW3 jump menu slightly patronising - I didn't like entering my values in that dialog - I wanted to build my menu my way! So there we have it.

Download : ZIP file DW version : 2 UD version : 1

Super Subscript Fever!

Well, we've all seen objects that deal with superscript and subscript before, but these two objects were created to fill a gap I spotted. They allow you to modify the text retrospectively, rather than to have to make something sub/superscript from scratch. Thinking about it, I guess they're not true objects - but they live in the object bar, so make use of them if you will.

Download : ZIP file DW version : 2 UD version : 1

Smart Tags Fever!

You may or may not be familiar with Microsoft Smart Tags. If you know what they are and you want to prevent them being displayed in your pages, then this little object is for you. It inserts the meta tag required to prevent Smart Tags displaying. For good measure, it allows you to encourage them to display too, should you feel the need.

Download : MXP file DW version : 3 UD version : 1 Macromedia : Approved

Image Toolbar Fever!

This object inserts a meta tag into the head of your page, instructing IE6 not to display Image Toolbars on that page. For completeness, I've also added the ability to specifically allow Images Toolbars on a page, should you choose to do so.

Features include support for insertion within code view, and the detection of an existing Image Toolbar meta in the page. If a Image Toolbar meta already exists, the extension will modify the existing tag rather than insert a duplicate.

Download : MXP file DW version : 3 UD version : 1 Macromedia : Approved


Favorites Fever!

Bit of an Internet Explorer only one. This behavior, when applied onClick, will pop up IE's 'Add to Favorites' dialogue. It wont add anything without the user knowing, so there's nothing sneaky about it. You could even use it onLoad if you like to irritate people. I know I do. After much searching, it would appear that it's not possible to do the same with Netscape's bookmarks. Oh well.

Download : MXP file DW version : 2 UD version : 1

Form Button Fever!

This behavior will make any object a Submit or Reset button for your form. It allows you to easily use a rollover image as a form button over even just a text link. It was created especially for those Drumbeat users moving over to UltraDev. I got bored of answering the question "how do I make such-and-such a submit button" so I got busy with a behavior. Works with UltraDev 1 and Dreamweaver 3. Not tested on DW2.

Download : MXP file DW version : 3 UD version : 1 Macromedia : Approved

Mailto Thank You Fever!

A rather stupidly named behavior for those who don't have access to CGI for submitting forms via email. This will allow you to use the mailto method and still have the user presented with a 'thank you' or confirmation page. Specifically, it address the problem of a redirect onClick canceling the submission. This behavior will add a delay before the redirect, allowing the submission to take place first. It's all rather easy, just give it a go.

Download : ZIP file DW version : 2 UD version : 1

Open Picture Window Fever!

I was trying to be descriptive with these names, but I resolve to try harder. This behavior opens a popup window to the exact dimensions of the image it contains. Sounds confusing? It's not, it's cool. This will save you having to make a separate page for every image you want to open in a popup. What fun. The only note with this one is that you wont be able to open a window smaller than 100x100 pixels, as the browser regards that as a menace.

Download : MXP file DW version : 4.01 UD version : 4.01 Macromedia : Approved


Form In Layer Fever!

This command addresses the issue of forms failing to submit when used within a layer. It simply adds some cunning Javascript into the head of your document which [deletes technical explanation] fixes the problem. See also the accompanying object above. Technically this one is still in beta and the interface is rather rough - but it works just fine. Make sure that both your layer and your form are named, and know what those names are before running the command - you'll need to enter them. The next version of the command will automate the process.

Download : ZIP file DW version : 2 UD version : 1

Mouse Trails Fever!

Cheese please. This command creates a line of text which follows the pointer all around the page. The style of the text can be changed via the CSS Styles palette in the usual way. Please (I beg of you) use this effect sparingly! Hacked together by Al Sparber, Eddie Traversa and myself, this cheesiest of cheesy effects works in both major browsers.

Download : ZIP file DW version : 2 UD version : 1

Print Version Fever!

This command will insert a link to the document on your server which is to be called when the user tries to print. Instead of your page printing, the document you have specified will print. It's really great for making printable versions of forms and such. However, this feature is only supported by Internet Explorer at the moment, so it won't work in Netscape.

Download : MXP file DW version : 2 UD version : 1

Reload Image Fever!

Initially created for a specific application, this command may seem a little obscure but if you can make use of it, please do. This will simply create a link to reload an image. It was created so that a non-looping animated gif could be clicked on in order to replay the animation. NB: This was originally a behavior which only worked in IE. If you downloaded the behavior, you might as well scrap it and use this command instead, as it works across browsers.

Download : ZIP file DW version : 2 UD version : 1

Remove Undies Fever!

The cheekily named Remove Undies Fever! will remove the underline for a specific link. Created for use by my development team for a specific site where some links, and not others, needed to have the underline removed. We add it as a keyboard shortcut in DW3's menus.xml file and it works a treat.

Download : ZIP file DW version : 3 UD version : 1

Remove Everyone's Undies Fever!

The natural follow-on from the Remove Undies Fever! command was this. Remove Everyone's Undies Fever! adds the necessary styles to your document to ensure that no link underlines occur in that page. Obviously, link underlines are there to show the user what's a link and what's not, so it pays to give consideration to your design before simply removing them all.

Download : ZIP file DW version : 2 UD version : 1

Property Inspectors

Horizontal Rule Fever!

Find it hard to get excited about a horizontal rule? Yeah, me too - but it gave me the opportunity to write my first inspector. This adds one (count it) feature over the default DW inspector - and that's an option to specify a colour for the line. Although this is only supported by Internet Explorer, Netscape will just ignore the attribute, so you've got nothing to lose. This was the first usable extension that I wrote, and big thanks to Massimo Foti for helping me so much with it.

Download : ZIP file DW version : 2 UD version : 1