Encoded email address harvester

Whilst the email encoding technique demonstrated here is very interesting, please be under no illusions that this will protect your email address from being harvested by spam bots. To demonstrate this, I spent a few minutes (ok, it was about half an hour) coding a script to harvest encoded addresses from a given url. (More about encoded email addresses here)

Input the address of a page containing one or more encoded email addresses in the box below, and the script will attempt to harvest the addresses.

Limitations: this script is not fool proof, but does demonstrate how easy it is to step around any sort of email encoding. If a browser can display the address in a meaningful way, then spambots can too. This demonstration script works with one or more encoded address in a page. The addresses must be fully encoded - it won't understand addresses without encoded periods. A few modifications to the code could deal with part-encoded addresses too.

April 2006 - Note: This has been removed due to technical obsolescence.

For further information please feel free to mail me - my semi encoded email address is : dru@dreamweaverfever.com